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Fast Moisture Absorption Rate Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier For Moisture Control

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Peritek
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: ZLK-D-3000F
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Packaging Details: Wooden cases
Delivery Time: 35 days
Payment Terms: TT, LC
Reusable: Yes Color: White
Material: Silica Gel Non-Toxic: Yes
Moisture Absorption Rate: Fast Usage: Dehumidifier
Absorption Capacity: High Safe For Food And Medicine Storage: Yes
High Light:

Non-Toxic Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier


Moisture Control Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier

Product Description:

Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier - Keep Your Space Free from Moisture

If you're tired of dealing with dampness, mold, and musty odors in your home or workspace, the Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier is the solution you've been looking for. This highly efficient and non-toxic dehumidifier uses the power of silica gel to remove excess moisture from the air, making it the perfect choice for any environment.

What is a Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifier?

A desiccant rotor dehumidifier is a type of dehumidifier that uses a rotating wheel made of silica gel to absorb moisture from the air. This wheel is constantly rotating, with one half absorbing moisture from the air while the other half is being regenerated by heat. This process allows for continuous dehumidification, making the Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier a highly efficient and reliable choice.

Why Choose Silica Gel?

Silica gel is a highly effective and natural moisture absorber, making it the ideal choice for dehumidification. Unlike other types of dehumidifiers, silica gel is non-toxic and safe for use in any environment. It is also odorless and does not release any harmful gases, making it a preferred choice for those with allergies or respiratory issues.

High Absorption Capacity

The Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier has a high absorption capacity, making it perfect for use in larger spaces or areas with high levels of humidity. Its powerful moisture-absorbing capabilities make it the perfect solution for basements, crawl spaces, garages, and other areas prone to excess moisture and dampness.

Various Sizes Available

We understand that every space is different, which is why we offer the Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier in various sizes to suit your specific needs. Whether you need to dehumidify a small room or a large warehouse, we have the perfect size for you.

Safe for Food and Medicine Storage

In addition to being non-toxic, the Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier is also safe for use in areas where food and medicine are stored. Its natural and safe properties make it an ideal choice for use in pantries, cabinets, and medicine cabinets to prevent spoilage and maintain freshness.

White Color

The Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier comes in a clean and bright white color, making it a seamless addition to any space. Its compact and lightweight design also allows for easy placement and discreet dehumidification.

Don't let excess moisture ruin your space. Choose the Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier for efficient, safe, and reliable dehumidification. Order yours today and experience the difference it can make in your environment.



  • Product Name: Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier
  • Material: Silica Gel
  • Size: Various Sizes Available
  • Moisture Absorption Rate: Fast
  • Usage: Dehumidifier
  • Non-Toxic: Yes

Key Features:

  • Desiccant rotor dehumidifier
  • Industrial dehumidifier
  • Efficient moisture absorption with silica gel material
  • Available in various sizes to fit different spaces
  • Fast moisture absorption rate for quick dehumidification
  • Non-toxic and safe for use

Technical Parameters:

Product Name Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier
Color White
Moisture Absorption Rate Fast
Size Various Sizes Available
Safe For Food And Medicine Storage Yes
Usage Dehumidifier
Absorption Capacity High
Non-Toxic Yes
Reusable Yes
Material Silica Gel
Product Type Industrial Dehumidifier, Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifier


Product Description

The Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier, manufactured by Peritek, is a high-quality industrial dehumidifier that effectively removes excess moisture from the air. This product is perfect for various industrial settings and is designed to maintain a comfortable and dry environment.

Brand Name: Peritek

Peritek is a well-known brand in the market, known for its high-quality and reliable products. The Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier is one of their top products, designed to meet the needs of industrial settings.

Model Number: ZLK-D-3000F

The ZLK-D-3000F is the model number of this dehumidifier, which is specially designed to handle large industrial spaces. It is equipped with advanced features to ensure fast and efficient moisture removal.

Place of Origin: China

This product is proudly made in China, known for its advanced technology and high-quality manufacturing. It is made with the best materials and is built to last.

Certification: CE, ISO

The Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier is certified by CE and ISO, ensuring its safety, quality, and environmental friendliness. This certification also guarantees that it meets all the necessary industry standards.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set

Customers can order a minimum of one set of this product, making it accessible and suitable for small and large businesses alike.

Packaging Details: Wooden Cases

To ensure the safety of the product during transportation, it is packaged in sturdy wooden cases, protecting it from any damages or mishandling during delivery.

Delivery Time: 35 Days

Peritek understands the importance of timely delivery, and therefore, this product will be delivered within 35 days from the date of order.

Payment Terms: TT, LC

Customers can choose to pay through TT (Telegraphic Transfer) or LC (Letter of Credit) as per their convenience.

Material: Silica Gel

The Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier is made with high-quality silica gel, known for its excellent moisture absorption properties. This material is also reusable, making the product cost-effective.

Size: Various Sizes Available

This product is available in various sizes to meet the specific needs of different industrial settings. Customers can choose the size that best suits their requirements.

Reusable: Yes

The Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier is reusable, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly option. This feature also makes it a cost-effective choice for businesses.

Usage: Dehumidifier

This product is primarily used as a dehumidifier, effectively removing excess moisture from the air and maintaining a dry and comfortable environment in industrial settings.

Moisture Absorption Rate: Fast

The Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier has a fast moisture absorption rate, ensuring quick and efficient removal of excess moisture from the air. This makes it an ideal choice for industrial settings with high humidity levels.



Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier - Peritek

Brand Name: Peritek

Model Number: ZLK-D-3000F

Place of Origin: China

Certification: CE, ISO

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set

Packaging Details: Wooden cases

Delivery Time: 35 days

Payment Terms: TT, LC

Absorption Capacity: High

Non-Toxic: Yes

Safe For Food And Medicine Storage: Yes

Usage: Dehumidifier

Material: Silica Gel

Introducing the industrial dehumidifier from Peritek - the ZLK-D-3000F. Made with high quality silica gel, our dehumidifier is designed to effectively remove excess moisture from any industrial setting.

Equipped with a powerful wheel dehumidifier, this product is suitable for use in large spaces such as warehouses, factories, and production facilities. It can effectively reduce humidity levels and prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Our dehumidifier is CE and ISO certified, ensuring its quality and safety. With a high absorption capacity, it can quickly and efficiently remove moisture from the air, making your workplace a dry and comfortable environment.

What sets our dehumidifier apart is its non-toxic feature, making it safe for use in food and medicine storage areas. You can trust our product to maintain the quality and freshness of your products.

Ordering our dehumidifier is easy - with a minimum order quantity of just 1 set, we offer flexible payment terms of TT and LC. Your order will be carefully packed in wooden cases for safe transportation and delivered within 35 days.

Choose Peritek for all your dehumidifying needs. Contact us now to place your order.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping

The Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier is carefully packaged to ensure safe delivery. The packaging includes a sturdy cardboard box with foam inserts to protect the product from damage during transit.

The product will be shipped via standard shipping methods, such as UPS or FedEx. Customers can also choose expedited shipping for faster delivery.

For international orders, the product will be shipped using international shipping services to ensure timely delivery.

Once the product is shipped, customers will receive a tracking number via email to track the status of their order.

For any questions or concerns regarding the packaging or shipping of the Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier, please contact our customer service team for assistance.

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