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ISO9001 2008 Industrial Dehumidification Systems For Supply Air T 22-24C RH 20%-40%

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Peritek
Model Number: ZLB-D-3000L.S
Features: Economical|Energy Saving Air Flow: Customized
Installed Power: Customized Control System: Microcomputer
Standard: ISO9001:2008 Dehumidification Capacity: Up To 10000 Liters Per Day
Supply Air Parameter: T=22-24℃ RH=20%-40% Warranty: 1 Year
High Light:

Jelly Candy Industrial Dehumidification Units


RH 20% Industrial Dehumidification Systems


Customizable Industrial Dehumidification Systems

Product Description:

Industrial Dehumidification Systems - Product Overview

Our Industrial Dehumidification Systems are the perfect solution for maintaining optimal humidity levels in various industrial applications. With customizable installed power, a wide humidity control range of 1%-40% RH, and a 1 year warranty, our dehumidifiers are designed to meet the specific needs of your operations.

Our dehumidification systems utilize a combination of refrigeration and rotor technology to effectively control humidity levels. This ensures that your production processes are not affected by excessive moisture, leading to improved product quality and reduced downtime.

Key Features:
  • Customizable installed power to meet your specific requirements
  • Humidity control range of 1%-40% RH for precise moisture control
  • 1 year warranty for peace of mind
  • Uses both refrigeration and rotor technology for optimal dehumidification

Our Industrial Dehumidification Systems are suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Jelly Candy Production - Our dehumidifiers are specifically designed for use in the production of jelly candy, ensuring the perfect moisture levels for consistent and high-quality products.
  • Chewing Gum Manufacturing - Our dehumidifiers are ideal for use in chewing gum production, preventing excess moisture that can affect product texture and consistency.
  • Chocolate Coating - Our dehumidification systems are essential for maintaining the ideal humidity levels during chocolate coating applications, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish.

With our supply air parameter of T=22-24℃ and RH=20%-40%, our dehumidifiers provide the perfect environment for your production processes to thrive.

Choose our Industrial Dehumidification Systems for efficient and reliable moisture control in your industrial operations. Contact us today for more information and to request a quote.



  • Product Name: Industrial Dehumidification Systems
  • Type: Cooling&Dehumidifying
  • Features:
    • Economical
    • Energy Saving
  • Standard: ISO9001:2008
  • Humidity Control Range: 1%-40% RH
  • Control System: Microcomputer
  • Application:
    • Jelly Candy Applicatiion Dehumidifier
    • Chocolate Coating Application Dehumidifier
    • Pharmaceutical Production Dehumidifier

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters Industrial Dehumidification Systems
Weight According To The Size
Standard ISO9001:2008
Control System Microcomputer
Installed Power Customized
Features Economical|Energy Saving
Treatment Type Refrigeration&Rotor
Type Cooling&Dehumidifying
Supply Air Parameter T=22-24℃ RH=20%-40%
Humidity Control Range 1%-40% RH
Air Flow Customized
Cold Storage Drying Available
Cube Sugar Store Dehumidifier Available
Chewing Gum Manufacturing Dehumidifier Available


Peritek Industrial Dehumidification Systems
Brand Name: Peritek
Model Number: ZLB-D-3000L.S
Place of Origin: China
Delivery Detail: 30~35 Days
Supply Air Parameter: T=22-24℃ RH=20%-40%
Air Flow: Customized
Warranty: 1 Year
Type: Cooling&Dehumidifying

The Peritek Industrial Dehumidification Systems are specially designed to control and maintain the humidity levels in various industrial settings. With its advanced technology and efficient performance, it has become a popular choice for industries like chewing gum manufacturing, cube sugar stores, chocolate coating applications, pharmaceutical production, and electronic component storage.

Chewing Gum Manufacturing Dehumidifier

In the production of chewing gum, maintaining the right level of humidity is crucial for the quality and consistency of the product. The Peritek Industrial Dehumidification System helps to prevent excess moisture that can cause the gum to become sticky and difficult to handle. This ensures a smooth and efficient production process, resulting in high-quality chewing gum products.

Cube Sugar Store Dehumidifier

Cube sugar is highly sensitive to moisture and can easily clump together if exposed to high humidity levels. The Peritek Industrial Dehumidification System effectively removes excess moisture from the air, preventing the sugar cubes from sticking together and ensuring their shelf life. This makes it an essential tool for cube sugar storage facilities.

Chocolate Coating Application Dehumidifier

The Peritek Industrial Dehumidification System is an ideal solution for maintaining the humidity levels in chocolate coating applications. Excess moisture in the air can cause the chocolate to bloom, affecting its appearance and taste. With its precise control over humidity levels, this system ensures a smooth and flawless chocolate coating process.

Pharmaceutical Production Dehumidifier

In pharmaceutical production, maintaining a clean and dry environment is crucial for the quality and safety of the products. The Peritek Industrial Dehumidification System helps to prevent the growth of molds and bacteria by controlling the humidity levels, ensuring a hygienic production process and high-quality pharmaceutical products.

Electronic Component Storage Dehumidifier

Excess humidity in the air can be damaging to electronic components, causing corrosion and malfunction. The Peritek Industrial Dehumidification System provides a controlled and dry environment, preventing any moisture-related damages and ensuring the longevity and functionality of electronic components.

Mold Prevention and Energy Efficiency

In addition to its specific applications, the Peritek Industrial Dehumidification System also helps to prevent the growth of molds and bacteria in industrial settings. By maintaining a dry and controlled environment, it eliminates the conditions for mold and bacteria to thrive, ensuring a clean and safe working environment. Furthermore, the energy-efficient design of the system helps to reduce energy consumption, making it a cost-effective choice for industrial dehumidification needs.

Choose Peritek Industrial Dehumidification Systems for efficient and reliable humidity control in various industrial settings. Made in China, this high-quality product is backed by a 1-year warranty and can be customized according to your specific air flow requirements. With a delivery time of 30-35 days, you can start experiencing the benefits of a Peritek Industrial Dehumidification System in no time.



Customized Service for Peritek Industrial Dehumidification Systems

Brand Name: Peritek

Model Number: ZLB-D-3000L.S

Place of Origin: China

Warranty: 1 Year

Type: Cooling&Dehumidifying

Delivery Detail: 30~35 Days

Installed Power: Customized

Treatment Type: Refrigeration&Rotor

Our Industrial Dehumidification Systems, designed and manufactured by Peritek, are tailored to meet your unique needs and specifications. Whether you require a Chocolate Coating Application Dehumidifier, Jelly Candy Application Dehumidifier, or any other specialized dehumidification system, we have you covered.

With our brand name Peritek, you can trust in the quality and reliability of our products. Our Model Number ZLB-D-3000L.S is a top-of-the-line dehumidification system that is built to perform and withstand the demands of industrial use.

All of our systems are proudly made in China, ensuring high-quality materials and craftsmanship. And with a 1 Year Warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

We understand that every application is unique, which is why we offer a variety of types to choose from. Our Cooling&Dehumidifying systems are perfect for applications that require precise temperature and humidity control. And with a Delivery Detail of 30~35 Days, you can have your customized system in a timely manner.

Our systems come with customized Installed Power to meet your specific power needs. And with our Treatment Type options of Refrigeration&Rotor, you can be confident that our dehumidification systems will effectively remove excess moisture from your industrial environment.

Choose Peritek for your Customized Industrial Dehumidification Systems and experience the difference in performance, reliability, and service.

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