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Air Conditioner Dehumidifier Heat Exchanger With Anti-Corrosion

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: Peritek
Certification: ISO9001:2008
Model Number: ZLB-D-1500
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Packaging Details: Wooden cases,a normal export package. Details: wrapping film,fixed,waterproof plastic bag and wooden cases.
Delivery Time: Within 30 days after receipt of down payment.
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
Supply Ability: 1000 Set/Sets per Month
High Light:

industrial desiccant dehumidifiers


industrial dehumidification


Anti Corrosion Wheel Dehumidifier

Air Conditioner Dehumidifier Heat Exchanger With Anti-Corrosion



Quick Details:

1. The dehumidifier has the function of de-bacteria.

2. It is specially suitable for heat sensitive food production, such as milk powder, animal glue, granulated sugar etc, which needs normal temperature and low moisture.

3. Widly used in dehydrated vegetables, chocolate, candy, chewing gum manufacturing, cube sugar store,flour processing, fermentation, drying and other processes.



Except the desiccant wheel, ZLB series low humidity dehumidifier also equipped with pre and after cooling coils. It process with and dehumidify normal temperature air, it is specialized dehumidifier for normal temperature and low humidity process environment. As follow are their major characteristics:

  1. Main components: desiccant wheel, reactivation fan, reactivation heater, reactivation filter, , pre-cooling, post-cooling,heating coil,pre-filter ,medium filter and HEPA and cabinet.
  2. The cabinet is made of aluminum alloy, it is strong, compact, anti-corrosion, and it is anti-“cold bridge” which can help avoid condensation.
  3. The cabinet is double insulation panel structure with high density polyurethane insulation material inside(The inner plate of HEPA select 304Stainless wire drawing board), it is insulation, anti-corrosion, sound proof, fire proof and strong.
  4. The dehumidifier select PROFLUTE silica gel desiccant wheel from Sweden.
  5. Select SHANGHAI GENERAL centrifugal fan, its impeller and vent was plated with anti-corrosion coating, it’s strong and anti-corrosion. Select three-phase asynchronous motor, imported bearing, and level IP55 protection and level F insulation.
  6. Cooling coils select copper pipe and hydrophilic membrane corrugated aluminum fins, thickness of the copper pipe no less than 0.5 mm. Copper pipe thickness of heater no less than 0.75 mm, heating by vapor.
  7. G4 pre- filter, F8 medium effect air filter and H13 high grade filter to assure the air purity.
  8. Use control instrument,and humidity probe to control temperature and humidity. It is convenient to operate.
  9. Functions of electric controller:Parameter setting, operating status displaying and controlling, historical datarecording, wheel stop switch alarm, temperature and humidity limit alarm, reprocessing temperature limit alarm, filter clogging alarm, multi protection for temperature limit and over current and unbalance of phase.It can add proportional control valve for reprocess heating and former and latter surface cooler. To improve dehumidifier efficiency by optimizing function of each components.
  10. Main electrical components are Siemens, Siemens enjoy high high reputation for good quality, reliable operation.



  1. Intake air filter, silica gel desiccant wheel, double cold-water heat exchanger;
  2. Chain drive;
  3. Electric heating by stainless steel tube, or by copper tube aluminum fin;
  4. Efficient centrifugal fans, aluminum alloy frame, high pressure polyurethane and double foam layer cabinet, anti-cold bridge, electric multi-protection operation;
  5. Reliable PLC control system.


Model Example:



ZLB: low humidity dehumidifier units basic code 

D: Rotary regeneration type. D for Electricity, Z for Steam.

1000: Process airflow m3/h


Main Parameters of ZLB Series Dehumidifier:

Main Parameters / Model ZLB-1500
Process Air Airflow m³/h 1500
Fan Power kW 1.1
Regeneration Air Airflow m³/h 500
Fan Power kW 0.37
Regeneration Mode Electrical Heating Power kW 14.4
Steam Consumption kg/h 24
Outlet Air Temperature °C 22±2
Relative Humidity % ≤20
Drive Motor Power kW 0.06
Installed Power Electrical Heating kW 15.93
Steam Heating kW 1.53
Overall Dimensions Length mm 5000
Width mm 850
Height mm 1850
Weight kg 1250
Supporting System Refrigerating Capacity kW 15.0
Frozen Water Consumption t/h 2.6

1. Parameter of fresh air: 35°C, 80%

2. The ratio of fresh air is 5% of air output.

3. Output air excess pressure ≥200Pa

4. Supporting system refrigerating capacity and frozen water consumption, you only need to choose one. 


Competitive Advantage:

  1. Peritek dehumidifiers are manufactured based on more than 30 years of research and development. Have been used in space suit specific cell production and become the most advanced satellite transmission tower supporting equipment.
  2. Peritek dehumidifiers with R-DD optimal design, compared with the general dehumidifier, can save energy more than 35%, and above 10% with heat exchanger dehumidifiers.
  3. Dehumidification ability of Peritek dehumidifiers is great. Under normal use, after closing down for 10 hours, system can restart and reach the technical target in 30 to 60 minutes. 
  4. We can provide users domestic initiative remote communication interface according to your requirements, and the remote computer operation and management system networking, superior to realize remote service.
  5. Peritek dehumidifiers adopt steel structure with plastic-sprayed surface (Peritek self-owned patent, patent number: ZL 2008 0163177.3 2).


Work Principle:

The core component of rotary dehumidifier is the 8-16 hour spin in turn densely cellular Conde desiccant wheel. The desiccant wheel on both sides by high-performance silicon fluorine rubber seals along the entire surface of the radial will be divided into 270 ° of the treatment area and 90 ° of the regeneration zone, when the moist air comes into the processing area, the air moisture in the desiccant wheel was adsorbed into dry air, dry air meet the need of dry place or gas production process


Air Conditioner Dehumidifier Heat Exchanger With Anti-Corrosion 0


Typical Application Fields:

Output temperature is below 18 degree, dew point td is below -8 degree. Be used for mixing workshop, coating workshop, production workshop, assembling workshop, etc, enable environmental index of these workshops to achieve 20-24degree, RH below 20%.

1.  Warehouse, Library and Archives:

2.  Pharmaceutical Industry:

3.  Electronics Industry, Lithium Battery

4.  Chemical Fiber Industry:

5.  Food Processing Industry:

6.  Space and Aviation:

7. Glass Lamination

8. Ship Coating

9. Bridge Anticorrosion

10. Rubber Tire

11. Nuclear power plants

12. Printing



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