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Application of desiccant rotor dehumidifiier

July 13, 2021

Typical application fields Desiccant rotor Dehumidifier

  • Space and Aviation

It is used to control the humidity of satellite, spacecraft assembly and tests area, and it’s also used in the warplane engine room, the tank cockpit and the ammunition depot.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

Along with the implementation of GMP authentication, it’s very important to control the heat and humidity during pharmaceutical production. ZL series dehumidifier can provide a good environment for pharmaceutical production to keep the good quality of the product.

  • Electronics Industry

It is widely used for precision instrument manufacture such as electronic components, astronavigation component, lithium battery etc which needs strict control of moisture.

  • Chemical Fiber Industry:

Used with chiller, it can make the dew point below -40℃ to meet the drying environment for PET chip in the chemical fibre factory.

  • Food Processing Industry

Because of the relative humidity of the air processed by the ZL series dehumidifier is generally lower than 10% and has the function of de-bacteria, it is specially suitable for heat sensitive food production, such as milk powder, animal glue, granulated sugar etc, which needs normal temperature and low moisture.

  • Warehouse, Library and Archives:

In low humidity environment, the goods, books and files will not be damaged for a long time.